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등록 일시 2023-11-04 조회수 50
Paradise is giving a green light to its performance, with casino sales 
of 78.368 billion won last month, up 55.3% year-on-year. This is Walkerhill, 
Jeju, Busan, Incheon ParaCasino sales at four businesses,
including IsCity, increased 24.5% compared to July sales 
(62.958 billion won). The total drop in August was 571.1 billion won, up 
7.8% from July (529.8 billion won). Japanese VIPs accounted 
for the largest amount of casino drops by nationality with 248.1 
billion won, followed by VIPs from other nationalities such as 
Koreans (122.9 billion won), others (112.4 billion won), and
 VIPs from China (87.5 billion won). The cumulative casino sales from January to August this year were 492.179 billion won, three times higher than the same period last year
Grand Korea Leisure (GKL), a public corporation that operates 
Seven Luck exclusively for foreigners at COEX, Yongsan Dragon City in 
Gangnam, Seoul, and Lotte Hotel in Busan, also showed remarkable 
performance improvement. GKL's August drop and sales amounted to 293.3 
billion won and 33.4 billion won, respectively. Among them, the monthly 
drop increased by 19.1% compared to the previous month, marking the 
highest performance since COVID-19. GKL's share of Chinese sales is around 35%, 
and performance is expected more since August, when Chinese group tours resumed.
In the casino industry, Yeongjong Island and Seoul, which have many direct 
transfer and inflow customers who will lead the sales of the third 
and fourth quarters, are busy welcoming guests if the large-scale 
favorable factors of the resumption of group tours in China around 
the Chinese National Day holiday period (September 29 to October 6).