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등록 일시 2023-11-15 조회수 25
Lotte Tourism Development was selected as the "Korea's Best Travel 
Agency" at the "32nd TTG Travel Awards" held in Bangkok, Thailand on September 28
As a result, Baekhyun, CEO of Lotte Tourism Development, 
participated in an award ceremony held at the Centra Grand & 
Bangkok Convention Center later in the day and received the trophy.
The TTG Travel Awards, which began in 1989, is the most prestigious 
award in the industry, with global travel magazine TTG covering travel 
agencies in the Asia-Pacific region every year, as well as outstanding 
companies and institutions in all fields of travel and tourism, including 
aviation, cruise, hotels, resorts, and business tourism.
Starting with its first award in 2000, Lotte Tourism Development was the 
only one in Korea to achieve the 20th selection of Korea's best travel agency this year.
Prior to this, Lotte Tourism Development won the award for 19 
consecutive years until 2019 before COVID-19 began in earnest, including
 the Hall of Fame given only to companies selected as the best travel 
agency for 10 consecutive years at the 2011 TTG Travel Awards.
Every year, the Travel Awards are selected by TTG after a fair vote by more 
than 1,000 professional reporters from around the world, hotel workers, 
airline employees, car rental companies, cruise companies, and tourism agencies.